The entire network is managed by ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi), so keep the name in mind when using public transportation.

Subway and buses work roughly from 6am to midnight/1am, 7 days/week.

There are night buses to cover the main areas of the city in night time, some of them  (NM1, NM2…) follow the same route of the daily subway.


There are 4 WAYS TO MOVE AROUND, all accessible via the daily/monthly/yearly ticket:

-    Metro (underground)  M1-M2-M3-M5, the easiest and fastest way

-    Bus, several lines spread all over the city. Circle lines 90 and 91 work always 24h

-    Tram

-    Suburban railways, which link all train stations in the city and allow, for example, to quickly reach Bovisa Campus from completely opposite areas such as Dateo.


Normal ATM tickets can be used on the trains, inside the city limits (map).

You can get TICKETS in any subway station of the network, even through automatic machines.

You can also get them directly on your mobile, through ATM app: in this case you’ll just need to scan a QR code on the validating machines.

You can find all kind of tickets here. For instance if you want to Assago Milanofiori Forum for a concert or a basketball match you will need an extra-urban ticket.


To get monthly/yearly travel cards you’ll need to go to ATM points. They both allow unlimited trips, all day long.
Monthly travel card for students or under 26: 22€/month

Yearly travel card for students or under 26: 200€/year

You can use apps in order to know which faster way to move from one spot to the other.


There’s the already mentioned ATM Milano app, where you can buy tickets as well as plan or check all the stops everywhere.

Another interesting one is Moovit, which gives the fastest ways to move around and sends live updates on changes over lines, buses…